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Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence (OI) for Controlled Substances Suspicious Order Monitoring “SOM”

The Opioid epidemic has been at the forefront of recent headlines before the COVID-19 pandemic. The DEA has been handing out record fines to controlled substance manufactures, distributors, and dispensers for their roles in fueling this epidemic.

What if these companies had an intelligent solution that could identify and prevent an order of 10,000 oxycodone pills from being fulfilled when the buyers’ average order was just 1,000 pills over the last six months?

Should they have fulfilled or flagged it? And what if the buyer has a different address from where this oxycodone is being shipped — again, fulfill or flag?


The Suspicious Order Monitoring Solution “SOM” for controlled substances is powered by Axway Decision Insight which uses Operational Intelligence.

This new technology allows customers to execute operations flawlessly. Axway Decision Insight provides essential benefits that other products don’t provide:

  • It empowers each business user to tailor tools to company goals.
  • Customers have results immediately, with real-time visibility and with production data.
  • Removes the need for outdated development lifecycles quickly, allowing rapid acceleration time for implementation.
  • Provides a comprehensive, temporal Operational Intelligence tool running on commodity hardware, at a low cost of ownership, which further enhances quick time to value.
  • Rapid turnaround allows you to adapt as you go.

Operational Intelligence

OI delivers real-time monitoring that can find suspicious orders under the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Suspicious Order Monitoring Regulations (21 C.F.R. 1301.74(b)).

This solution can easily be configured to identify suspicious controlled substance ordering activity based on unusual ordering frequency, abnormal order sizes, and deviations from normal order patterns.

When the Axway SOM solution encounters a suspicious order in progress, it generates an API so the order can be held, flagged, and a notification is then sent to compliance personnel. The Axway SOM Solution through CSOS Validation or signing process ensures compliance within specified defined business rules.

SOM implementation

For SOM to be implemented, there are four steps to take:

  1. Step one: Start with business and compliance rules.
  2. Create a validation process with Axway Decision Insight to identify non-compliance orders.
  3. Next, when an order is received that falls out of compliance, it’s then quarantined before being fulfilled.
  4. Once the order is identified, they are either accepted or rejected.

More than just a solution

Operational Intelligence is more than just a solution or a band-aid approach, OI provides real-time insights so your customer’s expectations are met.

Four key benefits:

  1. Data collection: Gain better insights with a vast variety of data such as logs, databases, MQ, applications.
  2. Real-time analytics: With REST-API-enabled capabilities, you can inject external statistical models or connect with APIs to share information, providing better transparency.
  3. Time management: OI handles time zone capabilities and analyzes situations in real time for a better overview.
  4. Dashboards and alerts: With a Dashboard editor to modify layout and content, you can adjust in real time without suspending the operational intelligence. You can also generate alerts via such as email and third-party tools.

Axway SOM solution tackles more than just big pharma

The Axway SOM Solution isn’t just for big pharma anymore, it also works to help different industries achieve their objectives for real-time analytics and visibility.

As a global player in the security industry, BNP Paribas Security Services relies on Operational Intelligence with Axway Decision Insight to enhance efficiency for business processes which cuts execution time in half. You can also gain full disclosure to anticipate, pinpoint, and resolve problems.

Additionally, OI helped BNP Paribas Security Services to red risks and ensure SLAs are met while allowing for a reliable solution to meet inputs and parameters to expect and react to events that pose a risk.

“The Axway solution helped us optimize the business process,” said Gilles Jamann, now Head of Market & Financing Technology for BNP Paribas Securities Services, who was Head of IT for Securities Services in Luxembourg at the time. “The Axway solution enabled us to cut execution time in half.”


Axway Decision Insight is also instrumental in the retail industry. Monoprix, a leading food and retail chain in France and worldwide, needed end-to-end visibility to ensure retail order fulfillment. Axway Decision Insight with OI provided Monoprix with reduced operational risk, process optimization, end-to-end visibility, along with an enhanced customer experience — both in-store and with online delivery.

Financial industry

Another perk for customers in the financial industry is Analytics for Payments which is powered by Axway Decision Insight. This OI solution works in tandem to monitor continually the immediate payments environment and generates alerts when an irregular situation is identified. With the ability to make informed decisions for prompt action, Axway customers gain real-time report results.


With Axway Decision Insight, companies increase enhanced overview in different industries to meet compliance rules and regulations. Real-time transparency allows your enterprise to make informed decisions to pinpoint problems for an effective resolution and strategy.